Double Arrow Ranch Land Owners' Association (DARLOA)

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“The Barn” 2920 MT HWY 83
PO Box 307, Seeley Lake, MT 59868

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Fire Safety Meeting 4/11 @ 1pm (3 days ago)

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For current fire status, select Web Links in menu bar, then Reference tab, then MC Fire Protection Association.

The Bubble Cap program for bark beetle repellents is open to place your order. These bubble caps are for your Douglas fir trees (the Douglas-fir beetle) and for Ponderosa and lodgepole pine trees (Mountain Pine beetle). If you are interested in placing an order please give us a call (Swan Valley Connections at 406-754-3137), send an email (leanna@svconnections.org), or go online (https://swanvalleyconnections.formstack.com/forms/bubble_caps_order_form) and place your order. Remember for online ordering if you want one 10 pack select 1. Each pack contains 10 bubble caps. 

Please be alert for snowplows and graders clearing the roads.

Here is a link to weeds and weed control:
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Here is a DNRC article about tree insect and disease management considerations: click here

Fire Safety 

DNRC 15th year DARLOA is recognized as a FireWise Community  Click Here

2023 Firewise Certificate click here
Check with your insurance company - as a Firewise Community homeowner, 
you may be eligible for a discount on your premium.

Can your home survive a wildfire?  Get a FREE inspection from DNRC. 
Click on link for details: 
FREE Fire Safe Home Inspection by DNRC

How to prepare your home for wildfires; here is a Home Safety Checklist Click here


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