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Missoula County Sheriff Office has asked that we inform all residents of the Double  Arrow Ranch to stay off of the top end of Elkhorn and Wolverine unless you own property on these roads.



August 18, 2017

TO:      DAR Residents

FROM: DARLOA Board of Directors

RE:       Travel on DAR Roads


With the dynamics and challenges caused by the pending fire situation, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department is requesting that DAR residents (and others) use our roads for ingress and egress ONLY.  The Department and other agencies are experiencing impediments caused by residents traveling to the top of the Ranch to watch the fire activity.   Additionally, please stay away from the Homestead Cabin area.  The road to the Homestead Cabin is closed to everyone other than authorized authorities and there is to be no parking in the Homestead area on the road or in the grass.

The Sheriff’s Department is also encouraging residents to stay close to home in the event an Evacuation Order is issued. 

We ask for your cooperation to ensure that DAR residents (and others) are not causing obstructions to authorities involved with fighting our local fire activity.


Thank you.



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Rice Ridge Fire Morning Update: Another community meeting will be held Monday, Aug. 21 at 6pm at the Seeley Lake Elementary School. Photos courtesy of Chelsea Lynn Cahoon!

The Rice Ridge Fire grew 620 acres and is now up to 12, 861 acres and remains 10% contained. There are currently 539 firefighters assigned to the fire including: 7 crews, 31 engines, 4 helicopters, 2 dozers, 19 water tenders and overhead personnel.

YESTERDAY: Crews continued strategic firing operations on
Morrell Mountain and near the Morrell Lookout. Conditions were
favorable for both aerial and ground based firing operations.
Fire behavior allowed for continued progress towards
completing the firing objectives. There was a small spot fire on
the east side of the Morrell mountain ridgeline. Air resources
were used to drop retardant along the ridgeline to reduce fire
spread to the south. Additionally, aircraft were used to reinforce
containment lines and reduce the chances of additional
spotting. Within the fire perimeter, there was an increase in fire
activity in the northern and western portions of the fire. Crews
continued fuels reduction operations on public land north and
east of the Double Arrow Ranch.

TODAY: There is an increased potential for fire growth due to
Red Flag Warnings. Fire managers will continue to use strategic
firing operations along Morrell Mountain, working off the
completed areas from the past several days. Firing operations
will only be used if wind and weather conditions permit. Aircraft
will be dropping retardant as needed to assist firefighting and
firing operations. Crews along the western and northern portion
of the fire will continue to monitor fire activity. Additionally, fire

crews will be maintaining hose lays and pumps to support
holding and suppression efforts along the indirect line. Fuels
reduction on the north and east side of the Double Arrow Ranch
will continue.

A Red Flag Warning Is in effect for today August
18th, as a dry cold front moves into the area. Humidity is
expected to drop into single digits in the valleys and midteens
in the higher elevations. High temperatures across the
incident will range from the mid-70’s to near 90. West
Southwest winds of 15 to 30 mph are expected to develop. The fire will be more active due to increasing
temperatures and lower humidity.

Fire information booths will be staffed at the Valley Market,
Seeley Airport, and Rovero’s Hardware Store on Highway
83 from 11am to 5pm.

Air Quality: For current air quality information please visit
inciweb to view the most recent report.

In the event of an evacuation, the American Red Cross will
open a shelter. It is located at the Potomac Community Center,
29827 Potomac Rd., in Potomac. The shelter is on standby,
anyone seeking to pre-evacuate that requires assistance or
sheltering may call the Red Cross of Montana at 1-800-272-
6668. Evacuees are urged to call before leaving for the shelter,
as cell phone service is limited at the shelter. More info at

ADVISORIES: As a reminder, the evacuation warning issued
within areas of Seeley Lake (including Double Arrow Ranch),
remains in effect and residents are urged to be prepared.
Residents adjacent to these areas should remain vigilant.
Residents of the area should sign up for Smart911 a

ADVISORIES: As a reminder, the evacuation warning issued
within areas of Seeley Lake (including Double Arrow Ranch),
remains in effect and residents are urged to be prepared.
Residents adjacent to these areas should remain vigilant.
Residents of the area should sign up for Smart911 at
http://www.smart911.com to ensure they receive any
emergency messages about potential evacuations.
Crews, engines, and heavy equipment use public roads
traveling to and from their daily assignments. Highway Patrol
will be enforcing speed limits to ensure safety.

CLOSURES: A closure order in effect for the areas surrounding
the Rice Ridge Fire. A map and copies of the official closure
orders are available on Inciweb. Seeley Lake, the body of
water, is still closed to all recreation activities due to aircraft
scooping water and will be in effect through the weekend.
A temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place. This
restriction applies to drones as well. For more information:

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

Missoula County enacted Stage II fire restrictions effective July 27th.  Signs prohibiting fires are posted at the Homestead Cabin.  More information and updates from Missoula County are available by clicking on this link: Missoula County Fire Restrictions

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