Please put the mailing address at which you would like DARLOA mail to go in the Mailing Address tab.  Place your phase and lot number on the ranch in the DARLOA Address, Phase and Lot tab.  Another option- you can enter both address fields under "Notes".   This facilitates validating your request for web site access.  It is the member's responsibility to update their addresses (home, alternate, e-mail, etc.) to ensure receipt of emails and other notifications from DARLOA.

Be sure to check "receive notifications" boxes on your user profile to ensure you get all the updates via e-mail for meetings, events, newsletters, and information about the ranch and the area as soon as they're posted. To add to or change your preferences, click on "Edit My Profile", on the left side of Home Page menu, then the E-mail Options tab, and select which notifications you want to receive-either "simple" or "custom" settings are available.  It's a good way to easily keep up on what's happening on the Double Arrow.  Thanks, and welcome to the DARLOA web site!

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